THE ROADS THROUGH JAPAN'S HEARTLAND A journey that encompasses everything from traditional craftmanship to advance technology

Author: Chrisitine Griffin

The 11 key areas of reform in the experiment called Abenomics

When their is a new leader of an organization, he can implement some methods and system that he believed would help the company perform better. It is also the same in a leader of a country. He has the authority to implement reforms and laws that he believed to be of help to the government and the […]

Fictional and Mythical Characters Who are Experts of their Craft

In this real world, there are different kinds of people as well as different kinds of skills and talents. A person can become successful in the field he will choose as long as he had a strong willpower, being patient and can endure every obstacle that blocks his way towards success. What about in the […]

The amazing facts and stories created by the famous art of origami

The art of origami has been made known already to the whole world. You can be able to also research about it and you can find out that not just the Japanese who make this art but also other nationalities. In some countries, they even make it as a project for students to learn origami […]

The ten countries ranked by the highest number of internet users

You may be wondering while we are featuring this article here. In this article, we want to know where is the ranking of Japan in accordance to the internet users. Japan is widely known for their inventions and good business practice that sometimes considered as negative because of the number of hours spend for work. […]

A pilot study on the 10 meaningful brands who helped during the disaster

In this world, it is not a secret that there are many companies and they were built with the mission to make a profit. That is why they make every effort and depending on their stand on things they will make every effort to attain their goal. There are those who attain their goal by minimizing and […]

An insider’s useful tips to save money when traveling to Japan

Traveling to another place can be expensive if you do not know much about the place. If you have the money to send then there is no problem but if you want to save while you are on vacation in the beautiful country of Japan then this article is for you. In this article, you […]

Bento 101: Learning its history through the kinds of old and present boxes

This time let us also know the history of one of the inventions of the country of Japan that is unique and it is a symbol of love and respect. Maybe because of the attitude and personalities of the Japanese people that they come to invent many things that are now being adopted around the […]

What does Modern Craftsmanship Home Plans Offer

Craftsmanship is all about the knowledge and skills of a person in terms of making craft products. Actually, craftsmanship itself is an art because creativity is included in it. Not everyone can have this skill. But, if you are interested in this area, why not? Since the old times, there had been a lot of […]

The highly recommended smart ways to use bamboo in your house

The world of construction involves using different kinds of materials. Materials vary in accordance with the purpose of the building or the location of the building or the type of material the owner wants. There are materials that are also cheap or expensive and so the type of materials to be used depend on the […]

Featuring the short history of the famous and delicious ramen

The term ramen became popular already when you will think of noodles that came from Japan. The term noodles are widely known but when you will say ramen you will think of Japan or Korea who also loves the food. You can be able to find many kinds of noodles in both countries and also […]