Fictional and Mythical Characters Who are Experts of their Craft

In this real world, there are different kinds of people as well as different kinds of skills and talents. A person can become successful in the field he will choose as long as he had a strong willpower, being patient and can endure every obstacle that blocks his way towards success. What about in the world of fiction and myth? With man’s creative imagination, different characters are being made. Did you know that in the world of craftsmanship, there are fictional and mythical characters who are experts of their craft?

Various fictional and mythical books are being published day by day all over the world. Each book contains different stories. There are books which are intended for young children, teenagers, young adults, and adults. Some books also include different skills and talents such as carpentry, pottery, and craftsmanship. Even in movies, we usually watch about different works in craftsmanship. The characters include a blacksmith, artisan, carpenter, potter, etc. Based on the animated films about fictional and mythical stories, let us know about the different characters in the field of craftsmanship.

In the above infographic, Hephaestus in Greek mythology is a blacksmith and artisan. A carpenter who is so hardworking¬† and takes pleasure in simplicity is Ron Swanson in the comedy television series “Parks and Recreation”. The greatest and well-known Nord blacksmith in Skyrim who works from the ancient Skyforge is Eorlund Gray-Mane in the fictional story “The Elder ScrollsV: Skyrim”. What about Wade in the story “Dragon Age: Origins”? He is a very talented blacksmith. They are really experts in the field of craftsmanship!

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