The ten countries ranked by the highest number of internet users

You may be wondering while we are featuring this article here. In this article, we want to know where is the ranking of Japan in accordance to the internet users. Japan is widely known for their inventions and good business practice that sometimes considered as negative because of the number of hours spend for work. Then what was their strength on having many good inventions in many aspects of the personal life? Is it the help that they can get on the internet or the already established hard work?

It is surely also that they really work hard and so there is much production and discoveries being made. You can know also that Japan is widely known for their inventions of the robots that now are being used in some areas of the everyday life like train station and malls. But if you will see their rank in the users of the internet, they are in the rank of number three in this leaking company service 抓漏. There is a huge difference between the number one and number two in the rank.

In the infographic, they also give us the ranking of the internet browser and the result is that internet explorer is still taking the lead followed by the Firefox and the Google Chrome. They are very well known around the world but there are also other choices that are mostly used in some countries like the Safari and Opera. but other countries really use the top three internet browsers than the previous two.

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