A pilot study on the 10 meaningful brands who helped during the disaster

In this world, it is not a secret that there are many companies and they were built with the mission to make a profit. That is why they make every effort and depending on their stand on things they will make every effort to attain their goal. There are those who attain their goal by minimizing and saving on expenses and that concentrated on salaries of employees. Their profit is much but employees salaries are low and benefits are non- existent. Here is a different view.

In this infographic, you can know about the facts and statistics about the help that was given by companies to the people and the government when the disaster happened in Japan. It is true that the government cannot carry the mission to protect and help the citizens survived with their daily needs and future after a disaster. that is why any effort and donation made by private companies are very much welcomed. Make the best for environment. Ask for this company’s service 清潔服務. In this setting, it was the time when Japan experience the unexpected tsunami.

You can find out in the infographic what are the different efforts that were made by different companies. Some donated their resources to help the residents affected and contributed hours of volunteer and relief efforts. Other companies donated their products like clothing so people could be able to be relieved. the companies who have their own brands are now labeled as the meaningful brands as they help the people in need. It is a time to build a personal relationship.

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