Bento 101: Learning its history through the kinds of old and present boxes

This time let us also know the history of one of the inventions of the country of Japan that is unique and it is a symbol of love and respect. Maybe because of the attitude and personalities of the Japanese people that they come to invent many things that are now being adopted around the world. It is amazing that their contribution varies on different sectors. In food or in the arts or in the technology. Today let us focus on the food industry specifically in the bento boxes.

It has a very long history when it was first started to be practiced as travelers need to prepare food for themselves to eat on the way and also the workers who cannot go home and eat. It started humbly having the onigiri that is hung at the waist of travelers. they are easy to carry and very good when you get hungry. You can also see the other versions in the old time as there are also the modern styles of bento boxes. Check this site for private security protection. You open this website page 徵信公司. See more info.

The now modern bento boxes are classified into three types. One is the western that features the food from the west and just arranged in a bento box and ready to be eaten. The makunouchi type is the one that is usually served in the restaurants using beautifully designed boxes. The kyaraben type features anime or manga characters. Check this asian character site for your protection, open here查ip. The food that is put in the box is shaped or designed as characters that make them interesting to eat.

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