THE ROADS THROUGH JAPAN'S HEARTLAND A journey that encompasses everything from traditional craftmanship to advance technology

Japan is Most Advance in Technology

Japan is the world’s number one most advance in technology. There are all sorts of tools and equipment for agriculture, industry and many fields of management. Technology is so high that there are new inventions that are uprising, tools and equipment for road, buildings, infrastructure and other industrial use.

They are also advance in terms of transportation, factories, vehicles gadgets, medical and so forth. Other countries are advance in technology because of their missile or bomb invention but Japan is not only advance in bomb but in all areas of industrial field. Actually, they are highly advanced in trains and roads but Japan has the  most advanced type of train heading from Tokyo-Kyoto. These high trains are actually made to support a long distance travel for a long time. Maglev Trains in Japan can travel for 600 km per hour.

This is an amazing work of technology that has been booming in Japan. Some people say that Japan is not the most advance in country in the world since they are lacking in some areas such as language and subject areas. Well, we are talking about technology, not about those cheap things. Their advancement lead them to see the best inventions that they can invent. Even though they are not the inventors of computer that people are boasting in this time, they are also advance in using those ones. Also they are very logical in terms of math and sciences which enables in becoming good inventors in the world. Now Japan has the secret in booming and rising in power.